Planned and Preventative

Planned and preventative maintenance programmes when implemented
intelligently can extend the lifecycle of assets and reduce the cost of
reactive maintenance creating overall budget savings.

We provide a comprehensive range of PPM programmes tailored to your estate and business needs, we can either operate to your specification or industry leading standards such as SFG20. We also compile asset registers and detail the condition of the items included, enabling you to ensure the cost effectiveness of any programme and allow you to budget for future capital expenditure.

Victor FM has a proven record of providing planned and preventative, multi-discipline, building fabric programmes. Not only resolving failures which have occurred but proactively improving the condition of the estate, preventing future expense.

Our PPM Solutions include:
• Roller Shutters
• Building Fabric
• Trolley Maintenance
• Forklifts
• Roof Surveys

• Signage
• Gutter clearance
• Landscaping
• Drainage

For further information on our PPM programmes, call now on 0843 289 7956